Additional Cost

The Additional Cost page is used to input other add-on costs like insurance, taxes, excise, packing & forwarding, special overall discounts. This page is divided into two sections. On the left is where the additional cost items will be added. The right section is not editable and contains values for Cost and Quantity for different Groups. We can use these values in the formula column for calculating the add-on cost.

Additional Cost Details

Label This is the description that appears in the Quote, invoice etc, which specified the reason / head of cost.
Formula An expression that allows the cost to be calculated. The values of Cost of groups can be included as can be the value of the variables defined. Example, Total VAT can be defined as VAT1+VAT2.
Value The value that is calculated for the project. This cannot be changed directly.
Variable You can give it a name and use it in a formula in other cost item. For example, Insurance is calculated on the cost of Glass, Linear & Fitting items. The formula will be: (Glass.Cost + Lineal.Cost + Fitting.Cost) * 0.01.
Add to Cost Specify whether this cost needs to be added to the total cost.
Show in Report Specify whether this cost needs to be show in output reports.
Auto RoundOff Automatically round off the total Project cost and automatically add one row in Additional cost Details with round off value.


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