Auto Corner

 Auto corner is a tool which is used to join the free ends of different entities and create a closed polyline entity. To use this tool you have to select the more than three non parallel entities to be join and select the 'Auto corner' tool. In this case when we select entities and apply the 'Auto corner' tool the two entities whose end point are nearer to each other, are going to join. Using this tool you can join line, arc etc. To use this tool choose 'Auto corner' from Modify menu bar or select icon from Editing toolbar.

Steps to use Auto corner :-

fig 1. Entities Before Auto Corner

fig 2. Entity formed after Auto Corner

In above fig 1. there are five entities to be join. You have to select all these and then select the 'Auto corner' tool. You will get a closed polyline as shown in fig 2.

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