Zoom Setting

This menu is used to see entire drawing in various way.

These tools are shown below.

Zoom In: From this you can magnify the size of drawing. With magnifying size only small portion of drawing we are able to see; but in more detail. It can also do from 'View' toolbarwith Icon . How To?

Zoom Out:- It is used to reduce the size of drawing. In this case we are able to see greater portion of drawing with less detail. It exactly do. It can also do from 'View' toolbar with Icon . How To?

Zoom All. : This tool is used to see the entire drawing. This bring the drawing size such that you can view the entire drawing in the screen area. This can also be select from 'View ' bar with Icon. How To?

Zoom Previous : After you zoom in or pan to view a portion of your drawing in greater detail, you may want to zoom back out to see the entire drawing, for that purpose Zoom Previous is used. It can also select from 'View' toolbar with icon as . How To?

Zoom Window:- Using this tool we can magnify the specific portion. In this first you select this option and then select the desired area to be magnify by mouse. It can also select from 'View' toolbar with Icon . How To?

Pan :To displace the drawing portion in specific direction and distance this tool used. For that you select base point then drag the mouse pointer in specific direction and distance. This tool can also select from 'View' toolbar with icon . How To?

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