Inquire Distance

This tool is provided in PLUS RepliCAM to measure the distance between two points. To use this select 'Tool  Menu > Inquire Distance' or you can select icon  from the View toolbar. To measure the distance between two points mark first point then mark second point, you will get a dialog box which showing distance ie length. See fig given below:

 In this case 'P1' and 'P2' are two points when you measure distance between them you will get dialog box which showing Start point, End Point, distance, it's X and Y component,angle measure in anticlockwise direction with reference to X- axis. This is shown below :

The length of line(P1, P2) is given by Dist, and its X and Y axis components are given as 'Dx' an 'Dy'. Also Line making the angle with X axis is shown as 'CCW  angle'. Also it show the co-ordinates of 'Start Point-P1' and 'End Point-P2'.

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