Edit Layer Settings

This option is for adding, deleting or editing the existing layer for current document. When you click on it a Edit Layer window will open. You can see all the layers which exist in current document. Select one layer and you can change the Properties of that layer. You can also add a new layer in the current document using Add New... button.

To select this choose 'Settings Menu > Edit Layers' or select icon  from View toolbar.

After  click on this You will get a dialog box as follows.

Properties are as below:

Color:- Set the Color of the entity in the selected layer.

Line width:- Set the Width of the line in the selected layer.

Line Style:-Set the line style in the selected layer.

Transparency:- Set the how much transparent the entity of the selected layer.

Visible:- Set the visibility of the the selected layer. If it is unchecked, then the entities in this layer will not be visible.

Pickable:- Makes all the entities in the selected layer pickable, if it is checked, allowing modification of the same.

Lock Layer:-If the layer is locked, i.e., Lock layer checkbox is checked, then the entities in this layer cannot be modified, deleted, etc., i.e., you cannot do anything to the entities in that layer.

Remarks:- You can add Remarks for the layer.

Add new:- You can add the new layer in the current document. The new layer should have different name than the one's already present.

Delete Selected Layer:- This will delete the current selected layer from the current document, only if there are no entities in this layer. Also note that, you cannot delete the "Part" layer which is added by default in all the documents.

Close:- To Close the Edit layer window, after completing the Editing work.

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