How To Use PLUS RepliCAM

PLUS RepliCAM is a digitizing software used for making drawings of a template. For that purpose you need a good quality picture of template. To get a picture there are certain instruction you have to follow. After getting picture copy it on your PC. Then follow the instruction as below :

  1. Loading of Picture : After starting RepliCAM first Load the picture of Template '. For that go to 'Tools' and select 'Load a Picture' or you can click the load a picture icon on Reference toolbar. After selecting this you will get a browse window from where you can select desired picture and load it in Replicam.

  2. Setting Reference points: These are the four known points in the picture. These you can select from 'Tools > References' or select from Reference Bar. You mark the reference points accurately such that coincide with each other. While marking try to use zoom command which is more helpful for you. The points should be specified as accurately as possible, as it will affect the drawing. Details
  3. Set Reference Size Rectangle : The reference point which you marked, create a rectangle whose size you have to define. For that you can select from 'Tools > References > Set Reference Rectangle Size ' or select from Reference Bar. This will give a dialog box, enter length and width in that. In this case you can save these dimension in 'Settings > Save Standard Reference' so that you have not to feed dimension again & again. Just click on combo box arrow and select name with which you save.
  4. Drawing : Your 'Template' is made of lines, arcs, circles, etc. For drawing these you will need these entities, these are provided in 'Insert' Menu. You may also use that from Entity toolbar.
  5. Auto Corner :While drawing you are not able see or recognize corner points of template so you don't need to draw entities till the corners. You can either draw a entity little larger than the actual length of the side or draw it smaller, within the corners. After completing drawing, select 'Auto Corner' from 'Modify' or select From 'Editing' toolbar. This will join all entities and find out the corners accurately.How To?
  6. Dimension: If you want to see the dimensions of all entity then select the drawing and Go to 'Modify' and choose 'Explode' or select it from 'Editing' toolbar. Also to see the drawing of 'Template'. How To?
  7. Export : After completing drawing you can export the file as a DXF file. This DXF file is in standard format which can be than loaded in any CAD package or can be used for further optimizations.

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