Stock Page

The stock page contains a table with the following columns, where you can specify information about the material available for optimization.

NOTE: The columns you see may be different depending on the Options you have selected. In this grid the column width of the columns can be adjusted.

Userinterface for Stock page.

Stock Enter a unique name for each stock.
Length Length of the stock. You can select the units using the Units dialog.
Qty Available quantity of stock. Has to be zero or greater.
Section Specify the material or sections of each stock. Parts of the same material are matched and nested together on appropriate stock. See options dialog.
End Trim Specify how much length has to be cut at both the sides of the stock. To allow for removing damaged ends. Zero by default.

Note: This is considered as waste during Utilization % computation.

Cost/Piece Cost per piece of stock material. This column is available only if you enable the "specify cost with each stock" using the options dialog. You may also see this as Cost/Length..
Remarks Additional information about the stock.
Loc  Location of stock
Stock Weight It is weight of the stock in Kg  per meter or pound (Lbs) per ft.
Used The number of stocks used is displayed here, once the optimization is done.
This button will open the automatic name generation dialog. Using this the user can decide a criteria for automatic naming of the stocks. See Auto Names.
Allows to select a default section or multiple sections in a job. For More information Click Here.
Calculates the cost for one stock based on value entered in Raw Material Master. See Manage Raw Material Master.
Allows import of stock from the inventory database. Select the stocks you would like to use in the job, and they are automatically added. See Import stocks from Inventory.
Allows import of stock information from text files. See CSV import.

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