Miter Parts Page (Optional Feature)

The Miter part page contains a table where you can input the information of the parts that needs to nest. Miter parts are basically trapezoidal in shape or having inclined cut one or both side.

Nesting Software : Miter Part Page - Optional Module-PLUS 1D

Part Enter a unique part name for each part.
Base Length Length of the part. You can select the units using the Units dialog.
Left Angle It is cut angle at the left side of part, measured from  the vertical axis. It may be positive ( / ), negative( \ ) or zero.
Right Angle It is cut angle at the right side of part, measured from the vertical axis. It may be positive ( / ), negative( \ ) or zero.
Height Height of that part. If you are working with single material keep the value of height same in all rows.And while multiple material, for same material height must be same.
Qty Required quantity of part. Has to be zero or greater.
Section Specify the material or section type of each stock. Parts of the same material are matched and nested together on appropriate stock. See options dialog.
Flip Indicates while nesting whether part can be flipped or not.
Remarks Additional information about the part.
Remaining It indicates the remaining quantity, if any, of the part after optimization. Even if one of the split piece is not nested, the part as a whole will be marked as remaining.
Combine Parts This buttons combines the parts with same length, material and cut allowance. Combine similar parts.
Nesting Software : Import parts from CSV file Allows import of part information from text files. See CSV import.

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