Combining Similar Parts

Similar parts can be defined as the parts that have:

PLUS 1D provides the user with this similar part combining facility. After part input click on the Nesting Software : Combining Parts button.

this will cause all the similar parts present in the part table to be combined into a single part whose quantity will be the sum of individual part quantities.


Part Length Quantity Material Cut Allowance Remarks
P1 30 10 Steel 2 Part1
P2 30 7 Steel 2
P3 30 15 Steel 2 Part3
P4 50 10 Steel 2

Suppose we have three similar parts( i. e. P1, P2 and P3 in the part table, note part P4 is different because its length is different ). Upon clicking the Combine Parts button the three parts will be condensed to a common part with the name P1 and the quantity will be 10 + 7 + 15 = 32. The remarks column will display the remaining similar part names with their individual quantities.

Part Length Quantity Material Cut Allowance Remarks
P1 30 32 Steel 2 Part1 [P2-7-] [P3-15-Part3]
P4 50 10 Steel 2

Note that the remark column of the Part 1 is changed. It contains information about parts combined with it.

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