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In Glass Quote User can define a new product like shower Cubicle which may contain more than one Glass items, fitting items, etc. in the dialog below.

Name : Name of a product which is not editable.

Version No.: Version number of product.

Default Variable.: User can use defaults variables (like L:(Length in mm), W:(Width in mm) and AR: Area in Sqm) while making product.

Variable Name: User can make his own variable and use it in product. User have to mention the Measure Type, Default Value and remarks etc. eg. in above example the front variable is used for length of front door of 4 Glass Shower cubicle.

Derived Variable Name: User can make Derrived variable by using the Default variables or the Variables made by user. like 2*L+2*W, 2*Front, 2*AR etc.

Bom Item: User have to make entries of particulars in the product, like Glass Sheet, Lineal items, Fitting Items and Resource/Labour etc.

User can add Glass Sheet, Lineal item, Fitting item and labours while making product by clicking Add Sheet, Add Lineal, Add Fitting, Add Resources respectively.

Name Each item should have a unique name and should not be duplicate.
Category The category of a item.
Material The material description of item.
Length Formula The Length formula can be Default variable or variables made by user.
Width Formula The Width formula can be Default variable or variables made by user.
Qty Required Quantity of the item.
Groups The Groups for which the Order item belongs.
Is for costing Select the check box, if the item cost to be included in product cost.
Remarks Add additional information for order item.
Edit proc User can add processes on the Glass items by clicking this button, the dialog below gets opened.

The User can add Processes to the glass items using this. There are two sections, the one on top will contain details of process, which are inherited from the Standard Item. You can also modify the processes added.

Quick entry of process: There are 4 buttons for quick entry of process. By default, these are CEP, Cutouts, Holes, BackPaint. User can assign a process to a button by selecting a process in the grid above and pressing Ctrl key and clicking on that button.

Category Select the category to which the process belongs from a list.
Process Name Select the process form the list of process in that category.
Qty The quantity for the process is to be entered here. The User can specify the formula either by clicking on 'Std Qty' or 'Expression'. Std Qty option allows you to select standard values like Perimeter, One Length, One Width, etc.  while Expression allows you to set any Expression. The formula tells how to calculate the value of the process for costing. For More information Click Here.
Unit In case of user defined formula, the units can also be specified from a list.
Groups The User-defined groups to which the process needs to be assigned can be added by selecting from the list that drops down on clcking the arrow on the right.
Remarks Additional information for the process can be entered


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