Layer Page

Layer Page show the number of layers made by specifying thickness of the disc. Layer page is shown below.

PLUS Reels : Layer Page

PLUS Reels : Layer Page

For each layer you can specify strips automatically or manually. After specifying strips their detail will display in the bottom right corner table. The table shows the Strip info for current selected layer i.e. row selected in layer grid. Strip Table contain information no. of strip made, made width, wastage in percentage and qty of layer for which strips made.

To specify strips automatically mark the check box in 'Auto Strip' column and select the 'Auto Creates Strip' button. Also to specify strip manually unmark the checkbox in 'Auto Strip'  column and click on the button in 'Manually Add Split to Current Layer...' column. 'Edit Strip' dialog as show below will be open. To add strip, select the value in 'Strip Width' column. (Values will be available in the dropdown list which are equal to width of stocks available.) Also to specify trapezoidal shape for strip mark checkbox in 'Trapezium' column. Then Strip shape will become trapezoidal. Its Base Length  and Top Length will be calculated automatically. When you specify all the values, validate all strips by selecting 'Validate' button, then strip preview for that layer will be appear as as shown below. Also you can specify Qty of current layer for which these strips have to be made.

PLUS Reels : Edit Strips

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