Disc Page

The Disc page contains a table with the following columns, where you can specify information about the disc to be optimize.

You can add no. of disc with specifying there Name, Diameter, Qty, Material, Req. Thickness and number of Layers. For each disc name must be unique. Also If made thickness specified is equal to required thickness (Tolerances will be considered if specified). Then row will be green else it will be in red color. You can also copy paste disc data from excel sheet.

PLUS Reels : Reel /Disc Page

PLUS Reels : Disc Page

Name Enter a unique name for each disc.
Diameter Diameter of the disc. You can select the units using the Units dialog.
Qty Required quantity of disc. Has to be zero or greater.
Material Material of the disc.
Req. Thk Thickness of the disc.
Made Thk Thickness made by specifying layers.
Edit Layer Specify no. of layers for disc.
Remarks Additional information for disc.
Auto Name.. This option used to specify disc name automatically.
Import Disc from CSV File...  This option is used to import disc from .CSV file. 

Edit Layers : When you click button in 'Edit Layer' column then a dialog will open as follows. In this dialog you can specify layer thickness and its qty to be use .Here there is list thickness specified for stock, available in the stock grid. When you enter thickness value in 'Layer Thk' column remaining value of Req. thickness will be shown in 'Rem. Thk' column. The total sum of the specified layer thickness must be equal to Required Thickness(Tolerances will be considered if specified).

PLUS Reels : Edit Layers

Remember that if you change value of Req. thickness or quantity of the any disc then layers specified for that disc will be automatically deleted. You can suggest Layer thickness automatically by clicking "Auto Suggest Layers" button. Also you can combine layers of same thickness by selecting "Combine Similar Layers Option".

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