Bar Code Labeling Module (Optional)

This is an optional module which will help you to print labels with Barcode.

Label Template: There are more than 3 standard templates which are available along with the installation of the Bar Code Label module. You can select one of them.

Edit Template: The Edit template button will allow you to edit the selected template using the Bar Code Label Editor.

BarCode Value: You can set the data for the Barcodes, that will be generated. By default the Barcode will be made for the part name as the default expression set is $N.

Print Labels : You can print labels for the following options. For each type of option sample template is made. 

Layout (Strips ) labels Prints the labels for optimized strips on the basis of layout. For this use template start with 's_'. Eg. ''
Offcut Labels Prints the labels for offcut made after optimization. For this use template start with 'o_'. Eg. ''
Labels  for Disc made Prints the labels for disc made. For this use template start with 'd_'. Eg. ''

For printing labels select appropriate template from the label list. Also you can edit any template to change data or add new data.

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