RTF Output Setting

You can customize the amount of detail and the layout of your RTF Output using the Tools->RTF Output Settings menu or toolbar menu. You can select different items from the dialog to be shown in the report.

Nesting Software : RTF Output Setting

RTF Output Setting

You can see the different items, that can be selected in the grid of the report settings... dialog, shown above. To see the preview of each item just click on the row, you will get the preview of that items in 'Item Preview' area. Also to change the order of output items in the file select the desired row and use Nesting Software : Up Button to shift topic upward and Nesting Software : Down Button to shift topic downward button to shift it. Also to print any next Item on the new page use 'Page Break After' option.

Also if you want to add shading in the header of item table just mark the check box 'Shade Table Header'.

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