RTF output report

You get a concise output in the RTF format that can be opened, and printed in any text formatting application. Additionally the file can be sent by e-mail to another person.

Most of the items are self explanatory, however the output of some of the details are explained below.

Project details:

Nesting Software : Project detail table in RTF Output

These are the project details which given by user in setting page.

Optimization summary:

Nesting Software : Summary of Optimization detail table in RTF Output

This is the summary of the optimization as given in the result page.

Summary of Layouts:

Nesting Software : Summary of layouts in RTF Output

This layouts generated and confirmed by the user.

Stock details:

Nesting Software : Stock detail table in RTF Output

These are the stocks given and used.

Part details:

Nesting Software : Part detail table  in PLUS 1D

These are the details of the parts nested by the software. This table does not contain the split parts that are generated from the Large parts.

Nesting Software : Summary of remaining parts in RTF Output

This table gives the detail information of remaning parts which not nested.

Miter Parts Details :

This table gives the summary of miter parts.

Nesting Software : Miter Parts Detail

Splitting Rules:

Nesting Software : Splitting rules for large parts

These are the splitting rules that where used for the job.

Split Part Details:

Nesting Software : Large parts and there split part detail table

These are all the split pieces that are made for the large parts.

Powder Coating details:

Nesting Software : Power Coating details

This is the powder coating details, cost of powder coating.

Layout details of each layout

Nesting Software : Details of each layout table

The above is the output of layout number 1 of a sample problem. It shows that stock "L-Section" has to be cut once (Qty=14). The layout consists of parts (4160mm) 1 piece, (620mm) 1 piece and (725mm) 2 Pieces.

Layout Drawing :

This drawing gives the detail information about the parts in each layout.

Nesting Software : Layout Drawing for nested parts

Cut Details :

This gives details information for cutting parts in the layout.

Nesting Software : Cut Details

Offcut or Drop List

This Table lists all the offcuts that have been generated.

Nesting Software : Offcut detail table

Section Usage Summary 

This Table lists details of all stocks section  wise.

Nesting Software : Material usage summary table


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