Manage Powder Coating (Tools menu)

PLUS 1D maintains an powder coating database. The user can perform the following tasks with the Powder coating database.

Add Powder coating material: Just press tab in the last column of the last row, and a new entry will be automatically created. You can enter the data for a new Powder coating material.

Delete Powder coating material: just select the row, and press delete.

Nesting Software : Manage Powder Coating

Id This id should be unique.
Name It is a name of the Powder coating material.
Cost / Kg It is a cost of the powder coating material per Kg.
Coverage The coverage in sq. meters or sq. feet per kg of powder.
Remarks For user notes

Nesting Software : Set Picture

set the picture for the selected powder coating material

Note: If you do not want powder coating, the select Tool/Options menu.

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