Joint Rules / Splicing Norms (Optional Feature)

The engineering constraints that has to be taken care of while splitting the parts are specified as the Joint Rules. There are some rules/ norms that each part has to satisfy in order to be considered for splitting.

General Joints Rules/ Splicing Norms

Sr. No. Rules Purpose Default values
1 Minimum part length consider for splitting It specifies the smallest part that can be considered for splitting. 6 meters (6000 mm)
2 Minimum length of smaller piece of a part on splitting This rule specifies that the split made should be greater than this length 1.2 meter (1200 mm)

Joints range for flange

Sr. No. Rules Purpose Default values
3 Minimum joint position (Ref pic. below) It says the minimum split piece should not be less than this length.. Part Length/5 = 0.2 * Part Length
4 Maximum joint position It says that joint is not allowed after this position. Part Length/3 = 0.3333 * Part Length

Joint range for web

Sr. No. Rules Purpose

Default values

5 Joint distance It says web can split at this position. Part Length/2 = 0.5 * Part Length
6 Tolerance for Web joint It gives the range in which a web part can be split.

+/- 250mm

Multiple Joints

Sr. No. Rules Purpose

Default value

7 Maximum Joints It gives the maximum number of joints allowed. Manually you can specify 4 joints but auto spits takes only 3 joints even though specify 4. 1

The rules can be viewed and modified as per your preferences from the Tools->Joint Rules... menu. On clicking this menu item the following Joint Rules... dialog will appear.

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Joint  Rules


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