Concept Of Parts with Joints (Optional Feature)

The parts that are to be made with joints or having length more than that of available stocks are called Large Parts. These parts can have any length. They will be split only if they satisfy all the Joint Rules.

Nesting Software : Concept of Large Parts

Eg: If A part of 6000mm is to be split then by rule (L/3 and L/5), splitting range is 1200mm to 2000mm. But if user specifies 1300mm as minimum split piece length then splitting range changes from 1300mm to 2000mm.

For Example: Default values of the Rules are used in the examples.

1. Consider the Length of the part as 6000 mm and type as Flange. This part satisfies Rule 1 and can be split any where between 1200 (6000/5) and 2000 (6000/3) from Rule 3 and 4 respectively. It satisfies the Rule 2 as even if it is split at 1200, the split pieces will be 4800 and 1200, both this pieces are greater than minimum piece length.

2. Consider the same part again but type as Multiple Joints. This part now can be split anywhere between 1200 (min. piece length by rule 2) and 4800 (6000 - 1200). 

3. Consider the part with length 2000 mm. This part does not satisfies Rule 1. Because minimum length required is 2500mm (refer Joint Rules). 

A part that will not satisfy the joint rules, will not be considered for splitting.

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