Manage Stock Inventory (Tools menu)

 Import Stocks from Inventory

PLUS 1D maintains an inventory database, into which offcut and stock status can be added automatically . The user can perform the following tasks with the inventory database.

Add Stocks : Just click on Add New Stock.. It will create new row . Then enter detail of new stock.

Delete Stocks: just select the row, and press Delete Selected stock... Button.


Nesting Software : Manage Stock Inventory

StockId It will automatic created when click on AddNew Stock.. Button This name is unique.
StockName Enter Stock Name.
Section Select section of stock.
Length Length Of stock.
Offcut Choose Stock Type. If new stock with full length it is prime type.
Qty Enter number of  pieces of stock
Plant For which plant this stock is available
Loc Where the stock is available. If in plant their is more than one location then type loc
Cost/(m/ft) Set cost of stock according to unit Settings which you set cost/m or cost/ ft
EndTrim It is the perimeter of the stock section. It is used in the powder coating calculation
T1,T2,T3,T4 These are extra columns. if user wants to add extra information of stock then set here.
Remarks description of stock

Nesting Software : Add New Stock

Add new Stock Id for Stock
Nesting Software : Delete Single Row Delete the row which is selected
Nesting Software : Delete Purge Stock Stock which have zero qty is deleted

Nesting Software : Update

Update the stock and Exit
Nesting Software : Cancel No stock is updated

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