Combining Similar Parts

Similar parts can be defined as the parts that have:

However these parts may be cut for different customers, products etc, and as such will have different names when they are fed in the part table. Such parts can cause inconvenience during the cutting process as they would have to be grouped separately at the stage of cutting. This could however be prevented by giving similar parts a common name and placing them together at the cutting stage as a common part. This common part quantities can subsequently be divided into individual part quantities,

thus preventing excessive grouping and sorting at the cutting stage.


PLUS 2D provides the user with this similar part combining facility.

After feeding the data in the part grid the user has to click on the Combine button


The following dialog opens


If you click yes, then it will cause all the similar parts present in the part table to be condensed to a single common part whose quantity will be the summation of individual similar part quantities.


Name Length Width Quantity Material Thickness Remarks
Back Plate3v 3000 2500 10 Steel 2  
Black Plate4v 3000 2500 7 Steel 2  
REC 3000 2500 15 Steel 2  

Suppose we have three similar products in the part table. Upon clicking the combine button the three parts will be condensed to a common part with the name Back Plate3v and  the quantity will be 10 + 7 + 15 = 32. The remarks column will display the remaining similar part names with their individual quantities.

Name Length Width Quantity Material Thickness Remarks
Back Plate3v 3000 2500 32 Steel 2 [Black Plate4v-7] [REC-15]

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