Automatic Name Generation

You can generate names automatically using this feature. You can easily prefix all items with some string or include particulars like length/width/quantity etc. in each of the names.

This can be done by clicking on the Auto Names button and selecting the appropriate expression in the dialog box.


The user can select which parameter to be used in the name by using the following keywords. The value of the property will replace the keyword in the generated name.

$0 Serial Number
$N Part Name (if part name already exist and you want to add a suffix or prefix to it)
$L Length
$W Width
$Q Quantity
$M Material
$CL For the actual Cut Length (After subtracting edging, banding, etc.)
$CW For the actual Cut Width (After subtracting edging, banding, etc.)
$C1 to $C4 For including additional column information if present

Note: All the Letters in the keywords are prefixed by $ sign.


Consider parts

Length Width Quantity Material
213 234 56 MS212
456 567 54 MS212

To prefix each part name with "P", an generate names as P1, P2, P3... use expression as P$0

To add the size f the part to the above within brackets viz. P1[213 x 234] use expression as P$0[$Lx$W]

Expression: $0_$L_$W_$Q            Name: 1_213_234_56

Expression: $0_$M_Job12              Name: 1_MS212_Job12     

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