The figure below shows the default view of PLUS RepliCAM. You can drag and drop toolbars and the menu bars to whichever side is most convenient for you. The title bar displays the name of the current file that is open.

1. Menu Bar: Here you find the available menus. Each menu is a pop menu menu which consist of specific list of commands. The Menus also display the icons corresponding to the menu (as shown in the toolbars) along with any available shortcuts.

2. Main Toolbar: This provides the shortcuts to the commonly used menus. This Toolbar provide the icons for supporting general commands, rather than actual drawing commands.

3. Entity Toolbar: This toolbar provides the drawing commands that are used while creating the drawing from the input picture.

4. Modify Toolbar: This toolbar provides the useful editing tools for the drawings.

5. Snaps Toolbar: This toolbar provides different snap commands that can be used while creating the drawings.

6. Reference Toolbar: This toolbar provides commands for setting the reference points and the reference rectangle size.

7. View Toolbar: This toolbar provides frequently used commands for viewing the drawing.

Drawing Area: The main window in black is the drawing area. It has a point marked as (0, 0) as the intersection of X - Axis and Y - Axis. By default the grid and grid snap is on.

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