Rack Optimization (Optional)

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This is an optional module that helps to generate Rack Numbers for each part automatically and print it using Bar Coded Labels.

Concept of racking:


Let us understand it by an example.

Say you want to make Double Glass Units (DGU's) of size 800 x 600 - 10 quantities.

You will add them to PLUS 2D as Parametric Product. You will see the following two parts in the parts grid for the same

Part 1 : 800 x 600 x 10 qty.

Part 2 : 800 x 600 x 10 qty.

Additionally PLUS 2D gives them a Group Name which is unique for each part.

So for Part 1, Group Name will be DGU_1@1 and for Part 2 it is DGU_1@2

Group Name is made up of the Product name (DGU_) in our case, 1 - is the name of the product you gave while adding it as Parametric Product and number after '@' means the piece no. within the DGU.

Now, when you optimize and generate labels for the job, rack nos. will be generated and shown for this parts, provided racks are available for them.

The rack nos. generated for these parts will be something as shown below.

for Part 1 : A1_1, A1_3, A1_5, etc.

for Part 2 : A1_2, A1_4, A1_6, etc.

So, when you are putting these glasses in the rack the two parts of the DGU will come one after the other, which will help you in the further processes.

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