Edge banding database

This dialog allows you to specify the available edge banding material, its thickness, costs and other settings that are used in the banding calculations.

Now access the Edge Banding Database from the Toolbar by clicking the following icon on the toolbar 


Band Id, this is the short code, by which the band material is referred to in the rest of the application.

Name The actual name of the banding material.
Material Material of the band.
Thickness Thickness of the band material. (This column is available only in PLUS 2D Wood).
Trim PLUS 2D Wood - The amount of trimming to be done, before the band is applied.

PLUS 2D Glass / Metal - This column represents the amount of grinding to be done.

Nett decrement This is a field calculated by PLUS 2D. This is the amount by which each side that is banded has to be decreased, so that the part size after applying the banding corresponds to the finished size of the part. (This column is available only in PLUS 2D Wood).
Cost/meter Cost per length of the band material.
Overhang The amount of overhang (used to calculate the total banding requirement).(This column is available only in PLUS 2D Wood).


Banding database for wood

Banding database for Glass Banding database for Metal




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