Hardware Locks or Dongles

Some of our software application are protected using hardware locks ( also called Dongles) which have to inserted in a free USB port or Parallel (printer) port of the computer. WITHOUT THE LOCK the software will not work.

Illustrated below are the different types of locks and how they are plugged into the computer.

  Grey USB Lock Way of inserting in USB Port After Insertion of lock
Grey USB PLUG and PLAY Driverless Lock. (After March, 2008)


  Green USB Way of inserting in USB Port  After Insertion of lock
Green USB Lock.

Download Drivers

For Troubleshoot Click Here


  Parallel Port Lock Place where to insert the lock After insertion of lock
Parallel (Printer) Port Locks.

Download Drivers

For Troubleshoot Click Here


Troubleshoot for Parallel Port (or Green USB) lock (with drivers)..

If you are using Parallel Port (or Green USB) lock and some how its not working then do the following steps

1.  Uninstall the PLUS 2D application (Start-All Programs-Nirvana-PLUS  2D -> Uninstall.)
2. Verify that the folder PLUS 2D installation folder typically C:\Program Files\Nirvana\plus2d folder is removed.
3. Search for the following files in C:\Windows  and/or  C:\Windows\System32 or their sub-folders and delete them.
         a) sentry.sys
         b) sentrymsp.vxd
 4.  Confirm that the Parallel Port ( or Green USB) lock is attached properly.
 5.  Please use the following link for visual info.:
 6. After opening this page download lock_par.exe for Parallel Port Lock. (For Green USB lock download lock_usb.exe)

 7. Copy onto a temporary folder as backup.
 8. Do the following steps as an Administrator or equivalent.
 9. Run lock_par.exe  for parallel port lock (run lock_usb.exe for USB lock)  This will install the parallel port lock.

How to run the "Display Lock" Utility received for verifying the lock?

1. Copy the zipped file, sent to you by email, to a temporary location on your system.
2. Unzip and extract the "DispLock.exe" from it.
3. Run the tool by double clicking on it.
4. It will display the lock information, if it could read the lock.
5. The lock should display the information similar, to one displayed below, based on the product licenses and modules purchased by you.

DispLock utility displaying lock information

6. Send us a screen shot of what is displayed by the utility.

How to take screen shot of the information displayed?

1. With the information displayed on the screen, press "Shift + PrtScrn" keys on the keyboard.
2. Start MSPaint :: Goto Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint or Goto Start->Run and type mspaint and click enter
3. Paste the captured screen using "Ctrl + V" keys.
4. Now, save the file as ".jpg". Please try to save as small a file as possible, we need only the Lock Information window.
5. Email this saved jpg file to support@nirvanatec.com

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