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PLUS Glass Quote - Powerful and flexible 1-Click Quote generation software, which generates accurate costing for the job or project including labour and processes. This also provides material estimate for Glass, Fitting & other hardware items. The software also generates Job Sheet, Rate Quote, BOM - Summary & Detailed, Invoice & Delivery Challan.

  • 1-Click Quote generation.
  • Generate Rate Quote, Job Sheet, Invoice & Delivery Challan.
  • Include Process, Lineal, Fitting & Labour items.
  • Charged Size calculations made easy.
  • Re-cost entire job quickly & easily.
  • Multiple Delivery Challan.
  • What-if analysis - Change rates & see effects immediately.
  • Optionally, link toOptionally, link to Tally for invoicing.

Features & Benefitstr>
  • Define Products
    • Enjoy the benefits of Rapid Data Entry (RDE) - Quick quote
    • Re-cost entire job by changing the product components
  • Define Multiple rates for Glass, Processes, Labour and Fittings
    • Standard Rates
    • Project Specific Rates
  • Multiple Discount Bands
    • Pricing Flexibility with less complication
    • Control over prices
  • Charged Size
    • User Defined Charged sizes
    • Customize it too.
  • Concept of Groups
    • View Project cost based on different user defined criteria
  • Integrated Customer Database
    • Assign specific charged sizes
    • Assign specific discount band
  • Calculate VAT, Excise, Service Tax easily
Click below for Sample Output Input of Glass Creation of Product Cost Details for the project


  Rate Quote

  Job Sheet


  Delivery Challan

  Multi-user software, highly scalable, very easy-to-use interface with extensive reports, it is a highly beneficial tool for not only for retailers and small processors, but also, for glazing contractors, aluminium fabricators, window manufacturers and generally people who work on projects involving cost based on area, length, quantity. Extensive reports in PDF, XLS & RTF formats.

Optional add-on modules in PLUS Glass Quote

Optimizer Interface to PLUS 2D Glass

Bar Coded Labels

Customized Reports Link to Tally

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