Edit Inventory:

The inventory in this software has password protection. To edit inventory, user has to give right password, the username and purpose of editing that inventory.

When you purchase a new software, by default, password feature does not restrict the user from editing inventory. To start password feature to work, click 'Change Password...' in the following dialog.

Change Password: This allows you to change use password.

New Password Enter the existing password here.
Verify New Password Renter the new password here.

After you have set the password close the Manage Inventory dialog by clicking the Cancel... button.

The Next time you open the Manage Inventory dialog, the grid will appear in Grey color symbolizing editing not enabled, as shown below.

Enable Editing: On clicking this button, the user will be asked for the password in the dialog shown below.

Change Log: If the password given by the user is correct, then the Change Log Dialog appears as shown below.

User Name The name of the person who is running the software.
Purpose The purpose of editing the inventory.

The username and purpose of editing that inventory will be stored in the installation directory in 'Data' subdirectory. The File is 'InvUserLog.csv'. This is csv file, you can edit this file in the MS-Excel, notepad etc.

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