How to Proceed:

You may install the software on your system by the following procedure. Read the software license agreement carefully, which appears while you are installing the software. If you install the software it means that you have accepted the License Agreement mentioned above.

Installation for Windows XP / Vista / 7

1. Insert the "PLUS" CD-Rom, into your computer.

2. The CD will AutoPlay and a window named "Nesting and Optimization Software Installation" will open up.

3. Click on the PLUS RepliCAM icon.

4. And than follow the Setup instructions on the screen.

In Case CD does not AutoPlay:

1. In this case you will have to manually search install the setup.

2. The setup files are located in X:\setup directory. Where X: is the drive letter of your CD - ROM drive.

3. In this directory, double click on the file named "replicam_hp.exe".

Note For Windows Vista:

Select the installation directory, when asked, as the current user directory, as shown below.

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