To add a new row in a table, simply press TAB while on the last column of the last row.

You can sort the items in the tables, by DOUBLE Clicking on the Column heading.

You can copy and paste the data from and to Spreadsheets and tables using the standard clipboard shortcuts (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V).

The user interface guides you through a job session. Simply go through all the Pages in the order they appear.

You can change width of the columns to the size you require.

Reuse stock by allowing offcuts.

Before Sending Output to Word, it is advisable to save the job.

Before Sending Labels for Printing , it is advisable to save the job.

While naming file give meaningful names, so that it can be used without confusion in future.

All the dimensions are by default input in millimeters ("mm").

Pause the mouse and see useful information as tool tips.

Change to INCHES or mm or Taiwanese Inches, using the Tools->Select Units menu.

You can import the Stock and Disc data from Comma Separated Value (CSV) and other text files with the "Import from CSV file" wizard.

Download the latest updates, tutorials and samples from the download center at

Customize the RTF output (content and order), using the "RTF Output Settings" button

Write back with your feedback and comments to

To copy an entry in a cell, to many cells of the same row, move the mouse to lower-right corner of the cell, and when you see fill handle (+ cursor), just click and drag it over the desired cells.

You can set ‘Display Fractions and numbers in compact form’ using "Tools->Unit Settings" menu.

Trailing zeros after decimal are truncated, and fractions are reduced to the lowest form.

You can combine data of two or more columns in a single column using either "Evaluate Expression" or "Format Expression" option available on right click mouse menu.

Many tools that are frequently used are available as ToolBar buttons for easy access.

To send the job file to us in case of some problem, just goto "File->Send To Mail Recipient(as attachments)" menu.

Use Autoname feature for naming the Disc.

Checkout the colors of the row in the Disc and the layer page.

Automatically Create Strips and then check and edit the strips using Edit Strips functionality.

Use trapezoidal strips at the ends of layers of the disc, to minimize wastage.

Specify the Optimization Settings... from Tools->Optimization Settings... and "Save these settings as Default".


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