RTF output report

You get a concise output in the RTF format that can be opened, and printed in any text formatting application. Additionally the file can be sent by e-mail to another person.

Most of the items are self explanatory, however the output of some of the details are explained below.

Project details:

Nesting Software : Project detail table in RTF Output

These are the project details.

Optimization summary:

Nesting Software : Summary of Optimization detail table in RTF Output

This is the summary of the optimization as given in the output page.

Summary of Layouts:

Nesting Software : Summary of layouts in RTF Output

This layouts generated and confirmed by the user.

Stock details:

Nesting Software : Stock detail table in RTF Output

These are the stocks given and used.

Disc details:

Nesting Software : Disc detail table.

These are the details of the discs that has to be made.

Layer details of Disc

Nesting Software : Layer detail table.

This gives the layer details foe disc and if you specified strips for it then gives drawing as shown above.

Strips details for Layer

Nesting Software : Strip details for Layer

This gives the details of strip made for a layer.

Stock used details :

Nesting Software : Stock Used Detials

This gives detail of stock used in optimization

Summary of Layout :

This gives information of layouts made after optimization.

Nesting Software : Layout details for nested strips

Layout Details :

This gives the detail information of layout

Nesting Software : Layout detials.

Layout Drawings :

This gives the detail infomation of layout through its drawing

Nesting Software : Layout drawing detials.


Cut Details :

This gives details information for cutting strips in the layout.

Nesting Software : Cut Details

Offcut or Drop List

This Table lists all the offcuts that have been generated.

Nesting Software : Offcut detail table

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