Drawing Settings (Tools menu)

Use this command to pop up the Drawing Settings dialog.

This Dialog is Used to do settings for layouts seen in Result page. Different types of hatching patterns can be used to represent different sections such as kerf  wastage , offcut and trim waste in the layout which can be set using this dialog from the Tools menu or toolbar. You can also use colors to mark off same parts. This increases the visual effect and understanding of the layout.

Nesting Software : Drawing Setting - PLUS 1D

Part Name

This shows the name of each parts in the layout.
Compact Names If same parts with more no comes in the layout one after another then this option points name and size of that parts on 1st part itself.
Part Size This shows the size of the part
Cut Position It gives the cut position of the part.
Use color If you don't the parts in color,in  layout drawing,  then by using option you can chage make it blank. Just uncheck this option. See layout below

Nesting Software : Layout drawing with no part color- PLUS 1D

Layout Drawing.