Network License FAQ

1.  What is the 5 User Network License?

       The software is also available as a 5 User Network License and in further multiples of 5. What this means is, that you can install the software on any number of computers on a Windows TCP/IP network. AT A TIME (simultaneously) FIVE (5 or the number of licenses you have purchased) users can use the software. So you could install the software on say 10 computers and at a time any 5 users on the same network can use the software. If the 6th person tries to start the software then, he will be informed that 5 users are already logged in. As soon as one of the current users exits the software, it will become available for use by others. 

2.  Is there any attachment needed to run the software with Network License?

       This option comes with a Hardware Dongle that you will attach to a USB port of your SERVER machine. Hence this is usually shipped via courier. 

3. How can I install the software with Network License?

       There are 2 steps to installing the software:

  1. Installing a server on the server computer (the computer on which you will be attaching the hardware lock).

  2. Installing the client software on your client machines (any machine where you want to run the software. You may install both the Server and Client on the same machine).

       Please refer to Installation guide available on the setup CD for more details on installation.

       Note : The machines have to be on the same Windows TCP/IP network as the server.

4. How to run the application after the installation is complete?

       Start the PLUS Server program on the server machine, and then you can run the programs on any of the client machines, subject to the limit of the number of simultaneous licenses.

5. How can I check whether the client machines are on the same sub-net as the Server machine?

       Check the IP address of the client and the server machines. If the first three numbers are same for both the machines, then the machines are on the same network. Even if one of the first three numbers is different then the machine are on different sub-net.

For e.g.:

IP address of Client machine is say and IP address of the Server machine is are on the same sub-net, whereas and are on different sub-nets.

6. How can I find out how many users are currently logged on the server?

       The server program shows the number of User Logged in and the IP address of client machine of each user.

7. What are the checks to be done during Network Licence installation?