Frequently asked questions


What is the significance of the 'CONFIRM' column in Summary of Layouts in Summary Page ?

With each generated layout there is a check box associated for confirmation. If any point of time if we feel a particular generated layout is not up to the mark then we can reject that layout by un-checking the check box. All values and percentages shown in the "summary page" will be recalculated, based only on the confirmed layouts. By default all layouts are marked as confirmed. In the DEMO version, this column is NOT EDITABLE.

How can I control how the layout drawing is output ?

You are provided with a lot of options by which you can not only control what you want to see, but also how it should be displayed. Check out the "Tools -> Drawing Settings" menu item.

How can I change the size of the font in the output ?

Use the "Tools -> Font" menu..

How can I identify all the identical parts in a layout. Is there any simple method ?

Check the checkbox, "Tools Menu->Drawing Settings dialog -> Same parts". On the details page, when you choose any part in the grid, the parts are highlighted. Also, if you check the "Tools Menu->Drawing Settings dialog -> Use colors" checkbox, each part is shown in a different color.

Can PLUS 2D give me information about the Cut Sequence?

Yes, check the "Tools Menu->Drawing Settings dialog -> Cut Sequence" checkbox, the order of the cuts are shown in the layout details diagram. Also if you click the "Cut Sequence" button in the Details Page, the entire cut sequence is animated. The coordinates of the cut are displayed in the STATUS BAR.

Can I take the drawings into a CAD package for further dimensioning ?

Yes it possible to take Nested layout to a CAD package for dimensioning. This can be achieved by exporting all the generated Layouts as Dxf Files. These Dxf Files can be read by almost all cad Packages.

When I try to import a DXF file I get the message "disconnected polylines, circle present "?

If the file you have imported contains a discontinuous drawing i.e. if the drawing is not a closed figure than such parts cannot be nested. This message is to warn the user that he is importing a shape which cannot be practically nested.

The DXF file shows too many details. Can I put some details OFF ?

All the elements in the DXF file are drawn on DIFFERENT layers. So all you have to do is to change the layer visibility ON or OFF. Thus you can choose to display just the details that you want.

How do I generate Labels for Printing ?

Populate the Required Detail list box with Information that User Needs to Show in Labels. After populating Required Details, Click on Send Labels To Word Button, and follow the instructions. This will automatically generates the Labels in Microsoft Word.

Why is the update inventory button disabled?

For a given job file after optimization if the user has clicked on the update inventory button than the inventory gets updated, there after the button is disabled so that the user should not update the inventory again by carelessly clicking on it, which may disturb the inventory data.

Can I transfer the offcuts to the inventory?

PLUS 2D uses the same database table to maintain the stocks as well as the offcuts. There is a column in the database called type. PLUS 2D differentiates between stocks and offcuts by putting prime or offcut in the type column of each row. Thus user can specify offcut details and select the offcut option in the type column.

Are offcuts considered in utilization percentage?

Yes, offcuts are considered in utilization percentage since they can be utilized as stocks for subsequent nesting jobs.    

How can I remove the shaded headers in the RTF output ?

Go to Tools-> RTF Output Settings. This will pop up a RTF Output Settings dialog box. In the dialog box unselect the option of shade table headers. This will generate unshaded table headers in the RTF output.