Frequently asked questions


Is there a tutorial that will take me through an entire nesting job ?

Tutorials are available that take you through an entire nest job. Also try out the demo movies that are available on the CD. You can install them, by right-clicking on the CD drive, and selecting "Install Demos". In an attempt to keep the downloadable version small these demos have NOT been added to the standard installation. You can however download the latest files from our Download center.

Enable Macros: why do I have to do this ?

When the output is sent to word, a small VBA macro has to be run so that the output listing is properly formatted in word. Therefore the permission to run macros has to be enabled in Word.

All the output options are grayed, and I am not able to get any output ?

This happens because the hardware lock is either missing, or is not functioning properly. Please check if hardware lock has been connected properly. Without the lock, the program will run in the DEMO mode, where OUTPUT menus will be available ONLY FOR SMALL PROBLEMS (2 Stocks, 3 types of parts, with maximum 20 parts).

Are offcuts considered in utilization percentage?

Yes, offcuts can be utilized again for nesting purposes and cannot be considered as scrap. Thus in utilization percentage the offcuts are also considered.

I got a message that "Cost per unit area of the stocks seems to be very different". What do I have to do ?

This is a warning message. The software tries to minimize the cost of all the layouts. Therefore it will try to use the stocks in such a manner, that the overall cost of all the stocks utilized is minimum. The above message means, that PLUS 2D has found that one of your stocks is much cheaper than the others. This could be an data entry error, so the package gives you a warning message, so that you recheck the data.