Add Joint Parts (Optional)

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By using  Add Large Part option in the shape page the user can add  Rectangular or Non Rectangular Part  with Joints to Shape part table. 

Define/Edit Parts with Joints Dialog Figure

The User has to input the Name of the Part with Joint, Quantity required. Length and Width for a Rectangular part and additionally L0 and L1, if Non Rectangular parts is selected.

Note: L0 and L1 are enabled only for Non Rectangular parts.

Validate: Allows the user to validate the input.

The user can preview the part, after entering all the values required, on left hand bottom side of the dialog. The preview is available after clicking the validate button.

User can input his joints by checking the User joints checkbox. This will enable the table on the Right hand side below the User joints check box. The Table consist of three columns Cut type, Dim  and Rest.

Cut type- Gives information of the type of cut either Horizontal or Vertical.

Dim- Gives the cut Dimension.

Rest- Gives the length of the remaining part. (Read Only column.)

User can view the tool tip when the mouse is placed in the table. It shows the length of the cut and remaining length in case it is a joint inside a joint. The tool tip is enabled when user joints is selected.

Note: If the joints are defined by the user, then the quantity can be changed later on in the shape part table. But if there are no user defined joints then the total quantity of that large part required should be provided. As PLUS 2D tries to make different set of joints in each parts to get optimize results, hence you cannot change the quantity later on if auto split is required.

After all the required fields are filled click the OK button. The large part will be added to shape part table. In case of any error, the lines are highlighted in RED.

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