Importing stocks into database.

This option allows the user to import stocks from a CSV file into the inventory database.

The details of all the stocks that are newly added to the stores can be written in to a CSV file. If the user now wants to transfer the stock data in to the PLUS 2D inventory database, then the user has to click on the Import Stock Db from CSV file button.  




Upon selecting the Import Stock Db from CSV button a dialog appears that warns the user, that upon importing the CSV file the existing inventory data will be over written.

If the user presses the yes button a browse dialog appears that allows the user to open the csv file from which data is to be imported in to the stock inventory.

This pops up the CSV Stock input dialog.

The Data Preview table in the dialog shows the information in the different columns of the csv file.

In the column mapping table the user has to select the appropriate column number for each corresponding item in the item column.   

Format for the CSV file :

Sample of a CSV file:

;lines starting with semicolons are ignored
SS-3, 2500, 1250, 99, steel, 3, 1000, "3mm thick"
SS-5, 2500, 1800, 99, steel, 3, 1000, "5mm thick"
SS-2, 2500, 2000, 99, steel, 3, 1000, "2mm thick"

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