Frequently asked questions


How can I add new stock to the inventory database?

You can add them to the database by following the steps mentioned.

What is the ID column in the inventory management database table?


The ID column in the inventory management database table represents the ID no of each stock or offcut . This ID no is automatically generated by PLUS 2D and should not be fed by the user.


If I feed a stock in the stock table which is similar to a stock in the database , then upon optimization will the stock in the database get updated?


Yes, the stock in the database will get updated upon pressing the update inventory button. The stock that has been fed should however match the ID, length, width, material, thickness of the stock in the database.


In the summary page the stock column contains a number and not the stock name that I fed in the inventory database?


The number that you see is the stock ID number and is generated automatically by PLUS 2D. The software relates to the stock through its unique ID No.

Why is the update inventory button disabled?

For a given job file after optimization if the user has clicked on the update inventory button than the inventory gets updated, there after the button is disabled so that the user should not update the inventory again by carelessly clicking on it, which may disturb the inventory data.

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