Frequently asked questions


My stock is in the form of COILS not rectangular sheets. Can PLUS 2D nest with rolls ?

Yes, you can nest stocks which are in the form of coils or rolls. Simply check the "Stock in the form of Coils" checkbox in the Stocks Page. PLUS 2D will automatically go into the de-coil mode. Now instead of the stock quantity, you will have to input the available length of roll. Since the sheet is in the form of rolls, the "Length" column is automatically disabled.

What should I input for "Machine Blade Length" in the stock page?

It is the maximum length that Shear Machine can cut. PLUS 2D also considers the maximum length that the shearing machine can cut, when it automatically develops the cutting layout. By considering the machine blade length PLUS 2D develops a layout where in the length of cut is not greater than the machine blade length. Thus it is possible for the operator to cut the parts according to the layout developed by PLUS 2D. It is important that the user specifies the machine blade length to obtain layouts  that can be practically cut.

Can I input cost of the stock?

If User is explicitly interested in setting cost of each Stock, then click on the Check Box Input Stock Cost, this will show the Cost column in the table, where user can input the cost for each stock. By Default Input Stock Cost is unchecked and Cost column is hidden. When the Input Stock Cost is unchecked the cost of stock is automatically calculated depending upon the material selected.

Can I input the material of the stock?

The User can select material on click of Select Material button in the Stocks Page. The User can specify default material and thickness for stocks and parts. He can also specify whether he wants to work with single material or multiple materials. On choosing multiple materials, the material and thickness column will get added to stock, part and shape table.

Can I input multiple materials in the same file?

Yes, user can input different material stocks in the same file. The software can discriminate between different materials. Only stocks and parts of similar material will be nested together.  

Should the stocks with same material have same thickness? 

Each stock can have a distinct material and a distinct thickness.  

I have stock of a material which is not in PLUS 2D library?

You can add this new material in the library. Click on the material button, and than click the edit material button. Add the new material in the library.  

Should I manually type a huge list of stocks in the job file every time?

Such a list of stocks or parts can be typed in a separate spreadsheet application. Every time you want to feed this data you may use two methods.