Software License Transfer FAQ

    1.  How can I transfer my license from one computer to other?

            We can help you transfer the license to another computer once free of cost if you follow the three step procedure given below.

1. Unregister the program you want to install on other computer and get the unregister code. Please copy the same and send it to us for verification via e-mail.

2. Install a copy of the program using your setup files, on your new machine, and send us the hardware fingerprint.

3. Please send us both the above information in a e-mail. After receiving and verifying

    a. The Unregisteration code.

    b.  The Hardware fingerprint of the new machine.

We will issue you the new key required for the installation you had done in step 2 above.


    2.  How to unregister a program?

            To unregister a program follow the steps shown below.

Run the program from Start -> Run with the UNREGISTER command line parameter.

For example: To Unregister PLUS 1D.

Say PLUS 1D is installed in "C:\Program files\ Nirvana\Plus1D\Plus1D.exe" directory, then the following is the command you would type in the command line...

"C:\Program files\ Nirvana\Plus1D\Plus1D.exe" UNREGISTER

This will generate an Unregister code.