PLUS Glass Quote - User Interface

PLUS Glass Quote has following user interface. 

PLUS Glass Quote : User Interface

Select Customer : This will allow the User to see the information about customers, add new customers and modify the existing ones

Select Project : The User can view all ongoing projects, add a new project and edit existing ones.

Quick Tutorial : A small tutorial movie will play, showing how a quote can be prepared very quickly.

Tutorials and Movies on Web : Clicking this will take the user to Youtube, where manyTutorials are available for viewing and download.

Reports : A set of reports will be available on clicking the option..

Mate, Process, Rates : Clicking this, the Admin can add and modify master data, rates, discount band values, charged size, etc.

On Line Support: For online support, User have to Click this button, A online support page will Open. User have to enter the basic information and the Questions or problems.

Online Help : The help is also available on-line on the Glass Quote Web-site. Clicking this will enable the User to access it.

New Project : To quickly add a new project, clik on this.

Optimizer : To Start Optimizer, Click on this.

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