Add / Edit Customer 

A new customer can be added from here. The details of a customer can be modified here.

Add New Customer

Clicking the "Add New Customer" button will show the dialog below.

New Customer Details

Customer Name The name of the customer is to be entered here. This data is mandatory.
Customer Year The year in which the customer is added to the database. Click the Up/Down arrow on the right to change the year of joining.
Discount Band Which Discount band the customer is assigned. Clicking on the arrow on the right brings a list of choices, from which one can be selected.
Notes General notes about the customer.

Edit Customer

Edit Customer Details

Code The customer code is generated automatically and displayed here. This cannot be changed.
Name The name of the customer is displayed here.
Discount Band The discount band can be assigned to the customer. Clicking the arrow on the right brings up a list of choices, from which one can be selected.
PAN No. Enter the PAN of the customer here.
VAT TIN Enter the VAT TIN of the customer.
CST TIN Enter the CST TIN of the customer
Excise Regn Enter Excise Registration number here.
Website Enter the URL of the website, if available.
Contact Person The name of the person who is the primary contact of the customer.
Mob No. The mobile number of the contact person.
Rating The rating for the customer.
Credit Days The default number of days credit extended to the customer.
Credit Limit The default limit of credit that can be extended to the customer.
Address Info Enter the address details of the customer in this block.
Default Terms Conditions Enter the default terms and conditions applicable to this customer
Notes General notes of the customer can be entered here.
Project Details This block shows the details of the project of this customer.It contains the the project description, contact details, project value, etc.
Edit Clicking on the button will allow the project to be edited
SD This allows the entry of Receivables.
Delete This allows the user to delete a project.

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