Unit Settings (Tools menu)

PLUS Bend supports both metric as well as English units. You can change the units at any time. Go to Tools>Unit settings.

MKS / FPS / Custom You can select the one of the three choices to specify units for various measures.
MKS - Metric system - Length in meter, Area in Sq.m.
FPS - Foot-pound system - Length in inch, Area in Sq.ft.

Custom - Select your own units. You can have Length in meter, Area in Sq.ft.br />
Measure Type This shows the measure for which the display unit needs to be set.
Unit Select the units in which the display is required..
Precision Precision for units displayed in as decimal.
Compact Form This decides how the number is to be displayed - compact or the long form. 1.200 with Compact Form selected will be displayed as 1.2, while 4/8 will be shows as 1/2.
Example Example of the selected units.

For Units in fractional Inches the units can be input in following ways (say 1/32 is the display precision).

Consider you have to input 6.25 inches. It can be input in one of the following ways

6.25 or 6.25” or 6 1/4 or 6 1/4" or 6 8/32 or 6 8

Display fraction in Reduced form checkbox will help you to show the numbers in compact reduced form, say for example 4/16 will be displayed as 1/4 or a decimal number like 3.4500 will be displayed as 3.45./span>