Using Tables

How do I add a new row in the tables ? 

When you press a TAB  in the last row, of the rightmost column of the table, a new row is automatically added. 

How do I delete a row in the table ? 

Select the Entire Row, by clicking on the first column of the required row and press delete. 

How can I sort the items in the Tables ? 

To sort a column of values, simply double click on the column header. 

Can I change the size or order of the rows in the tables.

No, you cannot do this. The sizes have been so adjusted that you do not need to scroll horizontally when any row is displayed. However you ZOOM by pressing the "Ctrl key" while moving the mouse wheel.

How can I import data into the tables. ? 

Use the familiar windows copy and paste shortcuts (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V). You can even copy entire columns.

Why are some cells in a different color.

Disabled cells of the table where user input is not allowed are grayed.