RTF output report

You get a concise output in the RTF format, that can be edited, printed or e-mailed.

Most of the items are self explanatory, however the output of some of the details are explained below.

Bending schedule.

This is the diagrammatic representation of how the bent component will look. This diagram shows the length of various sides, the bend angle between various sides and the bend radius at each bend. This data will be mentioned by the user in the bending data grid. It is for the userís convenience, so that he can compare the diagram with the data he has fed and accordingly crosscheck and correct the data if needed. 

3D View:

To get 3D view of Go to View and select 3D view option. The 3D view is as below:

User can customize or set the view as per requirement.

Click on the Left and Right and Left arrow on the toolbar to naviget through the patterns.

Marker diagram.

This table shows the total flat length of the component.

The marker diagram conveys the following information to the user: